3-2-1 Dance!™

3-2-1 Dance!


Thank you for your interest in NDSC’s 3-2-1 Dance!™

3-2-1 Dance!™ is an opportunity for you and your friends and family to come together to recognize and advance the full range of rights of all people with Down syndrome while raising funds for the mission and programs of the National Down Syndrome Congress.

3-2-1 Dance!™ is an organized dance, held across the country, primarily on college campuses and in high schools, at which Self Advocates, their friends and family, and others who support the mission of the National Down Syndrome Congress gather for the opportunity to

  • To spread awareness and the “We’re More Alike Than Different” message
  • To empower our self advocates and highlight their capabilities
  • To raise funds for the mission and programs of the National Down Syndrome Congress
  • To increase the visibility and the respect of individuals with Down syndrome throughout your community.

Best of all, this event is a way that you can help spread NDSC’s “We’re More Alike Than Different” public awareness message.

Getting Started

If there is not a 3-2-1Dance!™ event scheduled in your community, contact us to get a dance going in your community. The national office of the National Down Syndrome Congress can help you with all of the details of planning this amazing event.

We invite you to join us in taking this unique and fun 3-2-1 Dance!™ across the nation. Through hosting a 3-2-1 Dance!™ we can all participate in promoting inclusion of people with Down syndrome in all activities of life.  By hosting this event in your community you will be joining people from across the whole United States in a celebration that recognizes the fact that WE’RE MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT!



For more information on 3-2-1 Dance!™ or to schedule a dance in your neighborhood, school social club, etc. email us at info@NDSCCenter.org.

For more information on the NDSC please see our Mission, Vision, Purpose page. You can also view our National Awareness Campaign.