Ask Maryland’s Attorney General for an Independent Inquiry

The NDSC is continuing to advocate for an independent investigation into the death of Ethan Saylor, a 26-year-old man with Down syndrome, who died while being restrained by off duty law enforcement officers. If you’re not familiar with this case, Ethan was attending a movie at a local theater in Frederick County, MD — a place he visited quite often. When he refused to leave the theater after the movie ended, and while his caregiver had gone to get their car, mall security was called, and Ethan was restrained face-down. The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide, but in March, a grand jury failed to indict anyone in Ethan’s death.

NDSC’s Governmental Affairs Director, Susan Goodman, recently met again with representatives from the Department of Justice, as well as with Ethan’s mother, Patti Saylor, and other Maryland advocates.

We’d like to encourage you to sign on to a new petition, which asks Maryland’s Attorney General to launch an independent investigation. You can read and sign the online petition here:

We will continue to work with fellow advocates in the Down syndrome community to develop and distribute a best practices training program for law enforcement and other first responders.

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  1. Appy Namatovu May 17, 2013 - Reply

    Sorry for the death of Robert Ethan.
    Yes am strongly sign the petition, Maryland’s Attorney General should launch an independent investigation in that case to safe the innocent Down’s Syndrome people.

    As i am advocate and a parent with Down’s Syndrome child am much interesting in this case. My heart is full of tears and sad and am wondering for that security because here in my country Uganda, Down’s Syndrome people are easy to know.

    May God rest his soul internal peace.

    Appy Namatovu
    Deaf Ugandan- East Africa
    P.O.Box 8567

  2. Linda Hewitt May 17, 2013 - Reply

    Murder should be investigated. I dont understand how this whole thing has been shoved under the carpet…whos scared of what?

  3. Shirley Mae Ross May 18, 2013 - Reply

    Please follow up on this.

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