Frequently Asked Questions

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What is 321 Dance!?

The event is a fun, festive, social gathering, large or small, elaborate or simple, that celebrates the incredible value and worth of individuals with Down syndrome. Each dance will be unique and reflective of the desires of those producing it. The primary purpose is to create awareness about Down syndrome in your community. The secondary goal is raising funds to improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.

What Does a 321 Dance! Look Like?

The beauty of 321 Dance! is its versatility.

It can be as simple as a summer-night street party using car radios for music and headlights for illumination or as elegant as a black tie winter wonderland held at the country club.

321 Dance! is diverse. It may be a sock hop run by self advocates in poodle skirts and letter jackets; a YMCA Zumba class of 30-something moms wanting to raise Down syndrome awareness; a middle school dedicating one of their yearly dances to support those with Down syndrome or a hundred other venues honoring people with Down syndrome.

321 Dance! can be any time of year and held in myriad places. There is an extensive idea sheet included in Just Dance! planning materials.

The NDSC will honor creative ideas and unique venues at the NDSC annual Convention and on our web site.

How and By Whom Might 321 Dance! Materials Be Used

A local or regional affiliate organization may want to use the materials and templates to create a major annual fundraiser or a small, simple, additional fundraiser.

An individual, organization or group may want to use the materials to support self advocates (teens and adults with Down syndrome) to create a 321 Dance! event run by self advocates for self advocates designating some of the proceeds from the dance to be used for adult services or programs within the local or regional organization.

Brothers and sisters of self advocates can use the 31 Dance! materials to create an event for other siblings, fellow students, friends and co-workers.

An individual, organization or group may choose to look for those outside the Down syndrome community to create a 321 Dance!  Those groups and individuals in this broader audience may want to use the materials to create a philanthropic event for their company, organization, club, school, sorority or fraternity.

While the NDSC will be providing the template materials and support for 321 Dance! to make it easier for you, each dance will be uniquely the community’s, varying in size, style, theme, and venue depending on the desires of the planner(s) and the target audience.

How Can 321 Dance! Be Used to Strengthen the Down Syndrome Community and Advocate for Those with Down Syndrome?

321 Dance! templates and materials may be used as a simple tool for fund raising for local and regional Down syndrome associations affiliated with the NDSC.

321 Dance! templates and materials may be used to battle discrimination. The NDSC We’re More Alike Than Different videos, public service announcement (PSAs), and posters are some resources within the 321 Dance! planning guide that can be used to enhance awareness at the event as well as be used in advertising the event. The We’re More Alike Than Different awareness campaign shows adults with Down syndrome learning, loving, working and volunteering alongside their typical peers and friends, proving to the world that individuals with Down syndrome truly are more alike than different.

Not only is 321 Dance! an event that raises positive awareness for people with Down syndrome, its proceeds maybe donated directly to the NDSC and its national awareness campaign, We’re More Alike Than Different, to continue this important national awareness initiative.

Who May Received the Proceeds of the 321 Dance!?

Net profits may be donated to a Down syndrome association affiliated with the NDSC, the NDSC, or any combination of those entities.

Is There a Requirement for a Local or Regional Association Planning a 321 Dance! Event to Give a Percentage of the Proceeds Back to the NDSC?

No, the planning materials, support, and templates are a gift. The NDSC has a long history of serving the Down syndrome community and has never required funding from affiliates.

The NDSC is always thankful for support for the work we do and always welcomes contributions to further its mission to provide information, advocacy and support concerning all aspects of life for individuals with Down syndrome.

Who May Use the 321 Dance! Planning Materials to Host an Event?

Anyone. Any individual may use the materials for the good of the Down syndrome community. A member of the NDSC, a local or regional Down syndrome association, a member of a local or regional Down syndrome organization, as well as anyone outside the Down syndrome community. Anyone who has a heart for individuals with Down syndrome, who uses the event to promote awareness and who will donate the net profits to one of the NDSC affiliates or the NDSC may use 321 Dance! planning materials.

How Will 321 Dance! Generate Funding for Down Syndrome?

A list of tools and resources for generating profits are included in the planning guide. Some tools vary by venue.

How Does the NDSC Support the Event?

Once the event is registered online through our website, a planning kit will be made available to your group. These guidelines will include templates for promotional materials, tips for making the event fun for everyone, tips for raising funds, and safety tips. Hopefully the guidelines will address all your questions. If they do not, please let us know so we can incorporate them next year.

We will also promote your event on our website and through our social media outlets by posting the date, time and location of your event.

We’re More Alike Than Different.

It’s the theme of the NDSC Down syndrome awareness campaign. We are bringing that message to doctors, teachers, and employers; with your help we can spread the message even more quickly throughout your community. The message that people with Down syndrome are more like everybody else than they are different. That they, like their typical peers, enjoy employment, friendships, family life, and leisure activities, like dancing. They cope with everyday challenges and have dreams for their future. They deserve our respect.

The NDSC has produced a total of nine television public service announcements – five in English and four in Spanish. Preview the Public Service Announcements here.