About the National Down Syndrome Congress

We are the National Down Syndrome Congress, known around the world as NDSC. We proudly serve a very special audience: individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

NDSC is a grassroots, member-driven organization, founded in 1973, composed of parents, self advocates, siblings, grandparents, educators, physicians, therapists, other professionals, friends and supporters. We have members in 50 states, the District of Columbia and countries around the globe. Together, we advocate for the rights of persons with Down syndrome through education, medical care, legislation and disability awareness. And, together, we move families forward in hope.

We invite and encourage you to become a member of NDSC, where making a choice to get involved can make a difference in the lives of people with Down syndrome and those who love them.

A Tradition of Caring and Serving

What begins many times a day with a phone call to the NDSC Center (800.232. 6372) from a new or expectant parent can lead to a relationship that spans a generation or more. NDSC programs are available at each step of the way to assist families seeking assistance, referrals and access to resources. This service is available in both English and Spanish.

“We’re More Alike Than Different” National Awareness Campaign

All human beings are different, but people with Down syndrome are more like their peers than different from them. It’s a message everyone should hear and NDSC is delivering it and, along the way, changing the way people around the world feel about people with Down syndrome.

In a Class by Itself: The NDSC National Convention

It is the preeminent event for the Down syndrome community, a gathering of self advocates, family members, research and health professionals and others who embrace the value and dignity of people with Down syndrome. A mix of serious education and just as serious fun, in a setting that’s perfect for making and renewing friendships, learning, laughing, celebrating and experiencing a special fellowship with parents, youth and adults with Down syndrome, siblings and other family members.

NDSC’s Unyielding Commitment to Advocacy

Speaking for a growing and active membership, NDSC works tirelessly in the nation’s capitol to protect the rights and improve opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome in federal legislation and policy. NDSC’s Governmental Affairs Director is our voice in developing legislative recommendations, advocating for key bills, analyzing the impact of proposed legislation and policy, and regularly informing members on the impact of Federal decisions and actions that members can take to have an impact in Washington.

NDSC’s Washington agenda includes:

  • Working to develop laws that are person-centered and recognize the potential of individuals with Down syndrome to have control of their lives – to live and work in the community and make the same meaningful life choices that all citizens have.
  • Ensuring that the voices of individuals with Down syndrome and their families are heard by legislators, federal bureaucrats and other organizations and coalitions representing individuals with disabilities.
  • Protecting the rights of individuals with Down syndrome in health care policy and legislation.
  • Advancing the effort to enact laws that ensure that individuals with Down syndrome have the long-term support services they need to live independent and meaning lives.
  • Working with Congress and the Executive Branch to encourage implementation of laws and policies that recognize the value of individuals with Down syndrome and promote state-of-the-art practices in the educational system.
  • Working in coalitions to develop employment policy and legislation for people with Down syndrome.