NDSC Film Expert Review “The Lego Movie”

The-LEGO-Movie-WallpaperT. Chess Mitchell: Staff member at NDSC and Expert on Movies

Chess has recently reviewed The Lego Movie for our friends at NDSC. His findings are a bit surprising! Read to find out why.

NDSC: How many stars would give The Lego Movie out of 5 stars for excellence?

Chess’s answer: 1 star = not so good


NDSC: The Lego Movie has been pretty popular. What made you give it only 1 star?

Chess’s answer: I was not impressed with the main character Emmett. Also was not a fan of “Bad Cop” character.


NDSC: Was there a part of the movie you did like?

Chess’s answer: When the master builders and superheroes showed up in the movie.lego-movie-1


NDSC: Would you recommend The Lego Movie for younger children?

Chess’s answer: Yes, better for kids rather than grown-ups.


Final thoughts from Chess?

Chess’s answer: Believe in your heart is something good from the movie.


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