NDSC Film Expert Reviews “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Chess Capt American EditedT. Chess Mitchell: Staff member at NDSC and Expert on Movies

Chess has recently reviewed Captain America for our friends at NDSC.
These are his findings:

NDSC: How many stars would you give Captain America out of 5 stars for excellence?

Chess’s answer: 5 stars = Action Packed!!

NDSC: Why did you want to see Captain America?

Chess’s answer: USA – RED, WHITE & BLUE baby! Proud to be an American and wanted to see the movie about Captain America.CaptainAmerica

NDSC: Which part of the movie did you enjoy the most?

Chess’s answer: Return of Captain America’s old friend.

NDSC: Is Captain America a good movie to watch for a Family Night?

Chess’s answer: Good for grown ups and teens but not for little kids. Action packed violence might be hard for little kids.

NDSC: Final thoughts from Chess on Captain America . . .

Chess’s answer: True friendship can survive anything!

2 Responses

  1. Jim Apr 11, 2014 - Reply

    Great review chess, I agree with you. Make sure you stay thru all the credits for two special sneak peaks.

  2. Todd Apr 21, 2014 - Reply

    I agree 100% especially since I’m an extra in the museum scenes! And Jim is correct – always stay til the end of the credits for MARVEL movies or you miss the extra scenes. AND it’s a museum scene……

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