NDSC Film Expert Reviews “Frozen”

T. Chess Mitchell, Staff member at NDSC and Expert on Movies Chess has recently reviewed the Holiday movie FROZEN for our friends at NDSC. These are his findings:

NDSC: How many stars would you give Frozen out of 5 stars for excellence?

Chess’s answer: 5 stars = Excellent!

NDSC: Which character in the movie did you most related to and why?

Chess’s answer: The two girls because they overcome hard stuff as family.

NDSC: Was there an especially funny part of the movie you enjoyed?

Chess’s answer: Olaf the Snowman was funny & Sven the Reindeer was funny too.

NDSC: Would you recommend seeing FROZEN as a holiday movie or one that you can watch anytime of the year?

Chess’s answer: It is currently the #1 holiday movie so you should try to see it soon.

NDSC: Final thoughts from Chess?

Chess: “LOVE will thaw a frozen heart.”

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