NDSC Film Expert Reviews “Grudge Match”

Chess recently reviewed “The Grudge Match” for our friends at NDSC.  He is  excited about this movie. Check out his findings:

NDSC: How many stars would you give “The Grudge Match” out of 5 stars for excellence?
Chess’s answer: 5 stars = so funny!

NDSC: What was special about this movie that you enjoyed so much?
Chess’s answer: The tie in to the ROCKY movies was cool.

NDSC: Which part of “The Grudge Match” did you think was the best?
Chess’s answer: Kevin Hart wrote the movie and I liked that a lot.

NDSC: Would this be a good movie to see over the long holiday weekend?
Chess’s answer: Yes, it’s a good movie so it should still be at the movie theaters.

NDSC: Final thoughts from Chess on “The Grudge Match”. . .
Chess’s answer: Old guys got it done right! ?

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  1. Tony Piontek Mar 26, 2014 - Reply

    Hi Chess ,

    It’s Tony your good friend. Look me up on face book. I’d
    like you to befriend me . What’s going with you so far?

    i’ve been able to keep track of movies,too. I read the news-
    papers and other ways,too. AWESOME one to go out and
    watch .

    “It’s totally hilarious,too”

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