NDSC Film Expert Reviews Smurfs 2

T. Chess Mitchell, Staff member at NDSC and Expert on Movies

Chess has recently reviewed Smurfs 2 in 3-D for our friends at NDSC. These are his findings:


NDSC: How many stars would you give Smurfs 2 (out of 5 stars) for excellence?

Chess’s answer: 5 stars = Very Funny! 




NDSC: Why did you want to see Smurfs 2?

Chess’s answer: I liked the preview of the movie and had seen the first one. I wanted to find out what was happening with the Smurfs in the second movie.


NDSC: Which part of the movie did you think was the funniest?

Chess’s answer: One of the Smurfs had a collision that made me laugh out loud (LOL!). You will have watch the movie to see what happened.


NDSC: Is Smurfs 2 a good movie to watch for a Family Night?

Chess’s answer: Grown-ups and kids would both like this movie!


NDSC: Final thoughts from Chess on Smurfs 2 . . .

Chess’s answer: Fun movie to watch. I dare you to dress up like Papa Smurf or your favorite Smurf while you watch the movie. :)



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