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Archived Articles
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Self-Talk Excerpts

Learning Together: Lessons in Inclusive Education in New York City

Observations on Conversations with Young Adults with DS

Simply Extra-Ordinary

When your child engages in difficult behaviors…

Self-Determination in Action: Learning to Make Choices

Treatment for Dysfunction in Sensory Integration

Stubborn is…as Stubborn Does

What Families Need to Thrive

What I Now Know About Inclusion

Better Late Than Never-How David Finally Learned to Use the Bathroom

Music Therapy Encourages Development

Mothers Have Spoken: Physicians Need to Do a Better Job in Delivering a Postnatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

Current Research in Down Syndrome

Language is Powerful

Is it Alzheimer’s Disease?

Advocacy Inspired by Personal Passion

Moving Beyond Stereotypes

Delivering a Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

Preventive Medical Care

A Mother’s Story

My Best Friend, My Brother

Infantile Spasms in Children with Down Syndrome

The Importance of Imitating Your Child’s Sounds

Five Things Families Can Do to Find and Keep Great Direct Support Professionals

Vaccines and Antibodies

Yoga is More Than Just an Exercise

Having Down Syndrome in Nepal

Camp PALS: Where Dreams Come True

A Q&A About Independent Educational Evaluations

Creating Mealtimes Everyone Enjoys

Behavior and Communication

What Do We Do Now? Adaptations for Long Lectures, Whole-Class Discussions, and Other Tricky Times

A New Kind of Primary Health Care – the Family-centered Medical Home

Using High School Athletics to Promote Inclusion

10 Tips for Good Educational Advocates

Inclusion Works! Inspiration and Information to Counter Arguments against Inclusive Education for Students with Down Syndrome – Part 1

Inclusion Works! - Inspiration and Information to Counter Arguments Against Inclusive Education for Students with Down Syndrome: Part II

Preparing for Marriage

You Are an Important Two and You Are Important, Too!

How to Treat Flat Feet

Your Child’s Therapy: Weighing the Options

In the Pool, on the Stage, & at the Concert: Extracurricular Activities for ALL

Transitioning to Middle School

Parents and Genetic Counselors Define Essential Information about Down syndrome

When “They” Say…

From Surviving to Thriving

Thinking Outside the Box: Competitive Employment for Women with Severe Disabilities

Teens and Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Don’t Need to be Socially Isolated

Managing a Medically Complex Child

Suggestions for parents coping with a complex dual diagnosis

The Age Wave: What It Means for Families