View Videos of the Public Service Announcements

At the very core of the More Alike campaign are a total of 9 television public service announcements. Five are in English and 4 are in Spanish.

The spots feature a total of 9 adults with Down syndrome selected to speak for our community via exhaustive talent searches. Each tells, in his or her own words, a piece of their story. They talk of career ambitions, jobs, their homes, families and loves.

Mostly what they tell us is that they are pretty much ordinary people.

They could be just about anybody, going about their lives, day by day , doing what we all do.

And that is just the point, they are more alike that different.

You Can Help Spread The Word

Placing these TV spots with your local TV stations as public service announcements is terrifically important. That’s the way we will deliver the More Alike message to the maximum number of people.

Please preview the 9 spots here and then email us at to order a set of the spots.

The spots have been designed with space at the bottom of the screen for local and regional affiliates to add their identification and contact information. When you write us, we will get back to you quickly to cover all of the details.