Speakers Bureau – Christopher Bennett

Christopher Bennett – Napa, CA
If you would like to contact this speaker, please email info@ndsccenter.org. The NDSC is posting this list of self-advocate speakers for informational purposes only. We will forward your contact request to the speaker so they may follow up with you directly.

I started with public speaking until I became a Self-Advocate, I started advocating, lobbying with public officials, gave speeches, did conference workshops, conference planning when I continued on with my dream of policy-making, performing arts for a stronger message in life, volunteer, work. I lived with my parent advocates who I became their story I been raised with family support, higher standards that prepared me for life, work, where I am today. Policy-Making, Music is one of my strengths in keeping a dream I can relate to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, how he made policies, helped our nation. We should be thankful of our families providing us support to being productive members of society, living with assisted or independent living for us Self-Advocates to carry our dreams, always be heard, became my interest, strength.