Speakers Bureau – Craig Blackburn

Craig Blackburn – Luling, LA

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Craig Blackburn is a 2000 graduate of Hahnville High School. Craig graduated with a regular high school diploma, meeting the same and all requirements as his classmates and never failing a grade or a class.

He is also a peer and self advocate who has met with representatives both on the state and national levels advocating for individuals with disabilities on education and life issues and has represented Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans at six National Down Syndrome Congress conferences. Craig is pursuing a career as a motivational speaker and delivers a powerful message which results in both laughter and tears for his audience. Craig sits on numerous boards and advisory committees and is the recipient of many national awards as a result of his initiatives in behalf of individuals with disabilities.

Craig is the Best Buddies Director for individuals with Special Needs, Tulane chapter in New Orleans and participated in the Best Buddies Leadership Conference in Indiana last summer. Craig was invited to speak at the BB International Staff convention in Miami last January.

Craig’s speech is given from his own perspective as a person with Down syndrome and his message leaves his audience feeling empowered and full of hope. Please don’t miss a chance to hear this dynamic speaker give his perspective on having Down syndrome and what ALL people can accomplish.

The NDSC is posting this list of self-advocate speakers for informational purposes only. Interested parties should contact self-advocates directly via the link provided regarding any proposed engagement. Moreover, it should be emphasized that the views expressed by a self-advocate are his or her personal views and not necessarily the views of the NDSC. The NDSC disclaims any responsibility for, or association with, the views expressed by a self-advocate.