Speakers Bureau – Tracy Hile

Tracy Hile – Houston, TX

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Tracy’s Brochure jun 8 2009

Hello, my name is Tracy Hile. I am OLD but I don’t feel or look old (they say). I was born in 1968 in Baltimore, MD. I have lived (besides Maryland), in Colorado, Kansas and Texas, before moving to Arkansas in 2008. I worked as a teacher’s assistant for 19 years in the Houston TX area. I worked in three different public school districts. I loved my job and the students so much. The staff was wonderful to me– I miss my coworkers but we call and email each other often.

It was a big change to move from a huge city to a very small town, but I am enjoying it very much. It is really nice and I am meeting many new friends now. I have a new job as a breakfast hostess at the Queen of Diamonds Inn. If that sounds funny to you, it is because the only diamond mine in North America is here in Murfreesboro, AR: Crater of Diamond State Park. My co-workers are wonderful to me, too. The motel is very nice and the breakfast is served in a Victorian-style home. I am living by myself in my own house. It is the house my Dad grew up in, but it has been ‘updated’ and is ‘just precious’!

I have my own computer, send emails and check the weather.

  • joined a bible study, and choir too.
  • go to baby showers and wedding showers.
  • got a new dog: Charlie– who loves to go for walks.

These are some of my activities:

  • decorating for Christmas, fall, spring, and all of the patriotic holidays.
  • pick up my own mail, go to bank, and pay my bills
  • learning to cook in my crockpot, as well as the microwave.
  • do my own grocery shopping and cleaning
  • pick out and buy my own clothes, gifts, household items
  • enjoy listening to music
  • doing word search
  • working out with a DVD
  • relaxing in the porch swing, reading a good book!

My NDSC friends and the conventions are what I look forward to each year!

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