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Stacey Ramirez

Interim Executive Director


Stacey Ramirez has a nearly-twenty-year career in disability advocacy, launched in part by her identity as the mother of now-three young men, one of whom has autism. Her work initially focused on parent education and the protection of human rights for individuals with intellectual disabilities. She broadened this work in an increasing focus on community inclusion, person-centered planning, cultural competence, family support, employment, and enhancing the capacity of organizations to provide quality services.

Most recently, as director of a statewide organization, she has led legislative policy initiatives, organized coalitions for voter engagement efforts, and mobilized education efforts related to COVID 19 and vaccination. Stacey recently partnered in creating Crimminz & Associates, with the goal of enhancing the capacity of organizations and systems to provide truly individualized supports to all through consultation, education, and program development – guided by a commitment to full engagement of individuals with disabilities and their families, embracing values of inclusion and cultural competence, and the use of evidence-based practices.