Annual Convention

Call for Speakers

Speaker Proposal - Youth & Adults Conference 2019

Complete and submit the following form to be a speaker at the 2019 NDSC Youth & Adults Conference in Pittsburgh, PA June 27-30th. All proposals must be received no later than Wednesday, January 2, 2019, for full consideration of the Y&A Planning Committee.

Workshop presentations should be interactive, hands-on and relevant to individuals with DS.

Workshops and Spotlight Presentations will be given on Saturday, June 29th.

Audio Visual equipment will be provided as needed (LCD projector and screen, PC laptop, microphone.) All other supplies are the responsibility of the presenter.

For questions contact:
  • If you have additional self-advocates presenting with you, please list their name and email.
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  • What type of presentation would you like to present? If you have another idea for a presentation that is not listed please check "other" and we will consider your suggestion.
  • Provide a title for your workshop or spotlight presentation. This will be used in the convention program. Something short and catchy is best.
  • Please provide a detailed description of your presentation - what is it about, what are your experiences related to the topic, and what your peers will learn or experience.
  • If you are proposing a workshop, please describe the activities in your workshop that will allow for the self-advocates attending to interact with your or each other or have some hands-on experiences. Something they will do other than listen to you!
  • Every presenter must have a support person. This person will help you prepare your presentation. If you are proposing a workshop, this person will also support you during your workshops. Choose someone who will help make your presentation a success.
  • Please note that complimentary internet access is NOT provided in any meeting room in the convention center. If internet is essential to the success of your workshop, please let us know and the NDSC will do its best to accommodate your request. However, we cannot guarantee that internet will be provided.
  • A laptop, a LCD projector, a screen and sound system will be provided if needed. Speakers are responsible for bringing their presentation loaded on a USB portable storage drive. A/V technicians will be on hand to assist speakers as needed. If you wish to use your personal PC or Apple PC you must bring the appropriate connectors for HDMI equipment. Please select an option below or "other" and indicate your needs

  • Important Reminders: Y&A Conference Registration and the hotel block open March 25, 2019. All speakers are responsible for their travel and hotel expenses. Honoraria or speaker fees are not available. It is the policy of the Y&A Team to try to accept all proposals made by self-advocates submitted by the January 2nd deadline. Someone will be in contact with you by mid-February to discuss how your proposal will best fit to create an empowering and enlightening program for all self-advocates attending the Y&A Conference.