NDSC 50th Annual Convention - June 23-26, 2022

Siblings Conference

The Siblings Conference is a place to learn, be inspired, and grow. Attendees will be enlightened and encouraged to ask tough questions in a supportive environment. Participants will learn about Down syndrome and disability-related issues, including how to be an advocate for their brothers and sisters.

The conference is run by young adult siblings who are alumni of the NDSC Siblings Conference. During this conference participants are broken into three groups. All groups will participate in interactive activities led by experienced siblings.

Rising 4th through 5th Graders – Elementary School Group
Rising 6th through 8th Graders – Middle School Group
Rising 9th through 12th Graders – High School Group

Siblings Conference Registration

Only individuals who have registered for the 2022 Siblings Conference will be permitted to participate in this event. The Siblings Conference registration fee is $129 per attendee. Proper support of all Sibling attendees is of utmost importance to us, both for their safety and enjoyment. This requires much time and planning prior to the conference itself.  To provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees, we ask that you please complete the entire online Siblings Conference registration being sure to provide all requested information.  Registration for Siblings closes June 1 and will not be available onsite.