Annual Convention ~ June 25 - 28, 2020 ~ New Orleans, LA

Sponsors and Exhibitors

The NDSC could not be successful without the generous support of businesses and individuals, personally and professionally connected to our organization. Specifically, sponsorship dollars allow us to charge attendees less than 50% of the actual convention costs.

Exhibitor Registration is open NOW! We have a limited amount of spots available so it is recommended to register as soon as possible.  To learn more about Exhibiting, read below – “Exhibiting Information”

Sponsorship Opportunities

How can I financially support the Convention?

To see the full 2020 Sponsor Opportunities Packet click here.

If you’d like to discuss your sponsorship budget and options, please contact Christine Milano at 770-604-9500 or

Souvenir Journal Messaging

The NDSC invites exhibitors, speakers, vendors, families, and others to place a message in the convention program, the Souvenir Journal. The inclusion of your message shows your support for the work of the NDSC and assists us to better serve persons with Down syndrome.

Download the Souvenir Journal information here.

Exhibiting Information

How can I get my product or service in front of the Down syndrome community?

The NDSC Convention boasts the largest annual gathering in the world of self-advocates, parents, siblings and professionals associated with Down syndrome. The exhibit floor at the convention is comprised of organizations and companies that provide information, technology, resources, products and services to a large and receptive audience. Exhibiting at the convention will give your company exposure to the more than 3,500 people expected to attend.

Our tables are sold on a first paid, first served basis. Exhibits are limited to table-top displays in a space approximately 8’ x 8’ & will include a 6 foot table & 2 chairs. If you have unique space requirements, please let me know prior to registering so that we can attempt to accommodate. We do have a limited number of larger spaces available for the 2020 Convention. Due to space scarcity, NDSC will be capping the number of additional tables available to 10 total for the entire exhibit hall. Please register quickly if you will need additional tables or a larger exhibit space.

Registered exhibitors will be able to book a room in the hotel block once registration opens on April 6th.  You will receive an email with the link at that time.  The rate at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans in our room block is $167+ taxes per night.

Tables will be assigned to paid exhibitors by NDSC based on exhibit category to allow for the best variety spread and traffic flow for the exhibit floor. Assignments will be emailed on our before Monday, May 24th allowing ample time for exhibitor shipments of materials to be arranged. Any exhibitor planning to attend the Convention program (plenary sessions, workshops, and/or dinner) must register for the convention as an attendee and purchase tickets to events as desired.

Exhibitor Fees

  • Self-Advocate Exhibitor – $119 per table Self-Advocate rate applies to individuals with Down syndrome who have a business selling their own products to help support themselves.
  • Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organizations – $329 per table
  • All Other Exhibitors – $499 per table
  • Second tables – $199 each All exhibitors will be limited to one (1) additional table only.
  • Electricity – $149.00  A standard electric drop can be pre-ordered during NDSC registration. Doing so will provide you with the advanced order rate. If not elected during NDSC registration, orders for electric will need to be handled through the order forms provided in the Exhibitor Service Kit.  Exhibitors ordering electricity will be provided a 5 amp standard outlet behind their table. Exhibitors are responsible for supplying their own extensions cords or adapters. Electricity can be shared by separate exhibitors as arranged for between exhibitors – notification must be given to NDSC.  Exhibitors will not be able to purchase electricity after registration. Please ensure you select this option if you will need electricity for the convention.
  • Internet – Internet access will be available for purchase onsite only. Pricing is per device for the duration of the weekend. NDSC will provide exhibitors the information to contract directly with the Hyatt Regency New Orleans for internet access.
  • Souvenir Journal ¼ Page Message  – $100  This is a special exhibitor rate. Other Message options are available (see above for more information). Artwork due May 20, 2020

Exhibit Hall Schedule

Move In

Exhibit Hours




Move Out

Thursday, June 25, 12 PM – 4 PM

Thursday, June 25, 4 PM – 9 PM

Friday, June 26, 10 AM – 6 PM

Saturday, June 27, 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Sunday, June 28, no exhibit hours

Saturday, June 27 , 3:30 PM

**Please make note that the exhibit hall will open to attendees on Thursday, June 25th at 4pm. The Exhibit Hall will close at 3pm on Saturday, June 27th in order for the room to be flipped for the Masquerade Ball.

All exhibits must be broken down by 3:30 PM for our vendor to remove the tables and reset the room.

Terms & Conditions

  • One 6′ x 30″ draped table and two chairs are provided per Exhibitor. If your display requires more than the 8’ x 8’ space provided, you must purchase additional tables at your designated rate.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for their own set-up and take-down within the hours indicated. Please note the shortened hours for Saturday, June 29. Exhibitors will need to be out of the exhibit hall by 3:30pm to allow for changeover to the Masquerade Ballroom.
  • It is recommended that all tables be staffed during exhibit hours. If requested, we will try to group exhibit locations so that coverage may be coordinated.
  • The NDSC reserves the right to deny space to any Exhibitor before and/or during the convention.
  • The NDSC does not guarantee exclusivity on the exhibit floor.
  • Any and all state and/or local requirements (e.g. sales tax, business licenses, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor.
  • The NDSC is not responsible for any costs incurred by the Exhibitor.
  • Any Exhibitor planning to attend the Convention program (plenary sessions, workshops, and/or banquet) must register and purchase tickets to the events as appropriate.
  • Each exhibit will be provided four NDSC exhibitor name tags acknowledging the individual as an official exhibitor. Names are submitted at the time of registration. Changes to names must be made prior to June 7, 2020.
  • Cancellation Policy – A cancellation charge of 50% of the appropriate fee category will be imposed on any Exhibitor who cancels before May 22, 2020.  Cancellations on or after May 22, 2020, no refunds will be issued.  If deemed appropriate by the NDSC, an exhibitor may be cancelled at any time with full refund to the Exhibitor.

Exhibitor Registration is open NOW!

Please email with any questions.