NDSC Centers

Center for International Resource & Support

This vital project is located at our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and includes a National Help & Call Center where we respond to over 20,000 calls and e-mails per year requesting new parent packets and written information, help and advice, educational & IEP questions, medical questions, family resources and overall support.  Our staff is always there with a very hands-on approach, which includes calling upon our thousands of resources and networks across the world to find the best outcomes for those who need our help or overall guidance.   In addition, our flagship Center houses a Library of Toolkits, which supports the needs of our families worldwide.  The Adult Sibling Toolkit is a living book that helps parents make the transition of care of their family member with Down syndrome to adult siblings/caregivers, who will be responsible for their loved one.  It includes the basics of day-to-day life, health and medical care, financial and legal considerations, and residential living decisions.  There are thousands of these toolkits being used across the world, organically sparking Adult Sibling support groups and additional programming at our convention.  The Family Care Toolkit is the newest toolkit, which was created to provide vital information about the individual with Down syndrome for babysitters, family members, caregivers and medical personnel, during crisis events or planned vacations.  The Family Care Toolkit was received so well, that the Center had to do an immediate re-print to satisfy demand after we introduced it at our 2017 Convention.