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Affiliate Program

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When the NDSC and local organizations present a united front, working together to foster the success of individuals with Down syndrome, we ensure that families receive the best support. As an Affiliate Program subscriber of the NDSC, your organization contributes to the strength of our organization.  You can view Affiliate Program benefits here: Affiliate Offerings

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Educational Brochures

The following brochures are available at no charge for our Affiliate Program subscribers.

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NDSC Brochure English
NDSC Brochure  Spanish

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Prenatal Testing Pamphlet English
Información Prenatal

PowerPoint Presentations

Download Powerpoint Presentations

Here you will find a collection of presentations developed by and for the community. This project began with the simple idea that the NDSC could bring talents, ideas and resources together from around the country to create a series of presentations that are expert, professional and compelling. These presentations are yours to use as you need them. Thanks to the generous contributions of participating organizations, they are free of charge. Just follow the simple download instructions on this page and they are available for use.

Each PowerPoint presentation here has been created by individuals or organizations with strong connections to our community. Some are parents, while others are leaders of regional and local Down syndrome associations. Many are subject matter professionals, including members of the NDSC Professional Advisory Council. Finally, a few are people who just care and care deeply about our community.

You may download a presentation to your computer by clicking on the title below. Be sure to download both the PowerPoint presentation and the companion script.

Down Syndrome and the Education Challenge

Supporting People with Down Syndrome

Breaking the News

The script presents the point of view and aspirations of parents and family members of people with Down syndrome. The material has been reviewed by professionals in the topics, but we make no pretense that those same professionals would address the subjects exactly as we have. In fact, where presentations are targeted at professional audiences – teachers for example – we invite them to apply their own judgment and independent research to what we have to say.

Where we have expressed our point of view, you may differ. While being careful of the factual content, please do so – please feel free to modify our script to reflect your point of view and convictions.

All involved in this project wish to extend our sincere thanks to those who participated in and support this initiative. They have given generously of time, financial resources and professional expertise to make these materials available free of charge to our entire community. They include:

  • Chesapeake Down Syndrome Parent Group
  • Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis
  • Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota
  • Down Syndrome Association of Orange County
  • Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City
  • Down Syndrome Society of Rhode Island
  • National Association for Down Syndrome (NADS)
  • Dr. John Rynders, University of Minnesota (Retired)
  • Dr. Terri Fautsch-Patridge, University of Minnesota
  • The staff, board of directors and Professional Advisory Council of the National Down Syndrome Congress

First Call Program

Download our First Call PowerPoint to assist in training your members to support new and expectant parents.

NDSC First Call Presentation for WEB

NDSC Value Statements for Affiliates

These six Value Statements, created by our Partnership Alliance and supported by our Board of Directors, capture the intent and energy of the NDSC in relation to our affiliates.

  • We believe affiliates play a critical role in offering support, information and resources to the families and individuals with Down syndrome in their communities.
  • We believe a strong, educated and committed network of local and regional parent organizations is vital to serving the needs of individuals with Down syndrome and their families.
  • We believe that strength comes from the diversity of our participating affiliates and the diversity of the population they serve and will work to fully include and serve all organizations without regard to their size, scope, resources or location.
  • We believe we can make significant improvement in the lives of people with Down syndrome by working in concert with our affiliates.
  • We believe in the value of collaborating and partnering with organizations that share our goals, to broaden the resources for affiliates and individuals with Down syndrome.
  • We believe that understanding the needs and expectations of our affiliates will be an ongoing process that requires consistent communication, open discussions and mutual feedback.

Because we understand the scope and importance of the work you do for families of individuals with Down syndrome, we offer you a wide variety of helpful resources.

Become Part of the NDSC Partnership Alliance

The NDSC recognizes the importance of working with our affiliates, and has established the Partnership Alliance.

The Partnership Alliance is composed of 12 individuals. Each is a leader – a board member or executive director of a local or regional organization – and each has shown strong interest in cultivating practical, productive and positive relationships among all organizations that compose our community.

Its purpose is to serve as the critical link between the NDSC and the organizations affiliated with it – to be the voice of the community’s grass roots on issues such as governance of the NDSC, public policy and the development of programs and services needed locally and regionally.

In 2009, acknowledging the importance of the Partnership’s role, the NDSC amended its bylaws to create two board positions to be filled by individuals nominated by the Partnership Alliance.

Partnership Alliance nominations

Any current board member or staff member of an affiliate in good standing is eligible to serve. Each organization affiliated with the NDSC will have a vote in the election of the Partnership Alliance. Elections and representation will be on a regional basis, with two representatives being elected from six geographic regions.