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With your help, we offer support to people all over the world, providing families with vital information, connecting people to local resources in their communities, offering world-class educational programming through our annual convention, and advocating for a world free of discrimination against those with intellectual disabilities.  Your gift helps us to make a world of difference!
Click here to donate to the NDSC.

For more information on any kind of donation to the NDSC, please email us at or call us at 1.800.232.6372.

There are plenty of other ways to support the NDSC! Here are some other ways to help us advance our mission:

[accordion_content title=”Planned Giving”]The National Down Syndrome Congress would be delighted to work with you and your family to develop a plan of giving which may include an estate bequest, the donation of securities or real estate, or the establishment of an annuity. For more information, please contact us.
[accordion_content title=””]The National Down Syndrome Congress has partnered with to provide you a state-of-the-art shopping experience and unparalleled service for purchasing flowers and gifts online.
When you purchase through our link on Flower Petal, 12% of your purchases support our organization.
[accordion_content title=”Shop at”]You can help the NDSC through your purchases on Go to and shop just like you would through and the NDSC will receive 0.5% of your purchase. The first time you visit, you will need to select NDSC as a charity (EIN: 51-0163631).
[accordion_content title=”iGive”]By registering the NDSC as your charity of choice, you can have a portion of almost every online purchase you make benefit the NDSC. Simply by shopping online at your favorite retailers. They’ll give a portion of the money you spend to us! Register at to participate.
[accordion_content title=”Vehicle Donations”]Do you have an unwanted vehicle? Don’t trade it in, donate it to the NDSC!

Click here or call 877-999-8322 for the official vehicle donation paperwork. Fill it out, and within a week you’ll get a call and have your vehicle picked up. The NDSC will usually receive the funds from your gift within eight weeks.

Vehicle donations are tax deductible. You are entitled to an itemized tax deduction of the amount the NDSC receives from the sale of your vehicle. Your tax savings may be more to you than a dealer might offer on trade in. Compare what the dealer offers against the value of your tax deduction before you trade in. Plus, the NDSC gets the net proceeds to use in helping others! You may donate cars, trucks, airplanes, boats – virtually any type of vehicle may be donated.

Send paperwork to:
National Down Syndrome Congress
Attn: Vehicle Donations
30 Mansell Court, Suite 108
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: 800.232.6372
Fax: 770.604.9898
[accordion_content title=”Real Estate Donations”]
The NDSC gratefully accepts donation of real estate.
Thank you for considering a real estate gift to the NDSC. Besides helping our organization, this gift may provide you with significant financial and tax benefits, including:

  • Diminish or Eliminate Capital Gains
  • Charitable Tax Deduction for the Full Market Value
  • No Real Estate Fees
  • Simple Ownership Transfer
  • Elimination of Selling Problems

We can accept most any type of real estate, including:

  • Residential properties, including single-family homes, condominiums and multi unit structures
  • Commercial properties
  • Vacant Land
  • Properties with Environmental Issues
  • Properties with Mortgages or Liens

Please call the NDSC at 800-232-6372 or email us at for complete details.
[accordion_content title=”Estate Bequests”]Our patrons often name the NDSC as a beneficiary in their wills, specifying that a certain amount or percentage of their assets be given to our organization upon their death. Making such a bequest is, typically, simply done when drafting or modifying one’s last will and testament. Please consult your attorney if this method of giving is of interest.
[accordion_content title=”Memorials and Honoraria”]Families frequently request that memorial and honoraria donations be made to the NDSC upon the passing of a loved one. We deeply appreciate such considerations, particularly when our organization is recalled in difficult times. Memorial and honoraria donations, however, may also be made at happier times; to mark a significant event such as a birth, graduation or marriage. Individuals or the families of individuals receive a letter from the NDSC acknowledging that a donation has been made honoring or remembering them and those giving the gift receive a thank you letter which can be used for tax purposes. If you wish to have memorial contributions directed to the NDSC, please ask that donations be made out to the National Down Syndrome Congress.
[accordion_content title=”Investments”]You may find, in consultation with your tax advisor, that contribution of stocks, bonds or other investments you own to NDSC may result in significant tax benefits. If you are considering such a donation, please contact us for complete details on how to make the transfer.

Established in 1994, the NDSC Foundation manages the financial assets that the NDSC accumulates through the generous contributions of both individuals and organizations to sustain and promote the mission of the organization.

As a separate corporation, the purpose of the Foundation is to

Hold and invest monies received for the benefit of the NDSC
Acquire additional funds to hold and invest
Support the NDSC

Each year, the NDSC Foundation distributes a portion of the Endowment Fund to the NDSC to be used as part of its overall operating budget. Additionally, the Foundation may respond to requests for additional funding made by the NDSC Board of Directors to be used for specific programs and projects.

The NDSC Foundation is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees, which is appointed by the Board of Directors of the NDSC. The trustees are charged with establishing the overall investment philosophy for the Foundation and oversee the activities of an independent investment manager whom they select.

[accordion_sub title=”Donate to the NDSC Foundation”]
The full scope of activities and services of the NDSC are made possible through the generosity of those who share our commitment to people with Down syndrome. If you are considering making such a gift and would like detailed information on how to donate to the NDSC Foundation, please contact  David Tolleson, Executive Director
 at 1-800-232-6372 or