Policy & Advocacy


If you are a self-advocate living with Down syndrome, we are here for you. Our job is to empower you to live the life of your choosing. Your potential for success is endless and we believe your voice is imperative to shape the world you live in.

I have Down syndrome, and it is important to me that
I am able to enjoy life to the fullest.
I want to volunteer, work and be seen as a productive member of society.
I want to spend leisure time with my friends and family and have lots of fun.
I want to be welcomed and have a place in community activities.
I want to live as independently as I can and make my own decisions.
I want access to a good education and opportunities for lifelong learning.
I have Down syndrome, and I am proud of who I am.

*Self-Advocate Resolution, adopted in Denver, Colorado, in 2013.

Self-advocates play a large role in the NDSC.

They lead.
They influence.
They speak out.
They help us succeed.

In this video, self-advocates tell you exactly who they are.

When you become involved in the NDSC, you will learn to live a great life, get a good job, be healthier and happier, have a platform to make your voice heard and make friends from all around the world.