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When the NDSC and local organizations present a united front, working together to foster the success of individuals with Down syndrome, we ensure that families receive the best support. ALL organizations that support the Down syndrome community are NDSC Affiliates. View the DSA Support Program benefits.

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Educational Brochures

The following brochures are available at no charge for our Affiliates.

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NDSC Brochure English
NDSC Brochure  Spanish


Prenatal Testing Pamphlet English
Información Prenatal

First Call Program

Download our First Call PowerPoint to assist in training your members to support new and expectant parents.

NDSC First Call Presentation for WEB

NDSC Value Statements for Affiliates

These six Value Statements, created by our Partnership Alliance and supported by our Board of Directors, capture the intent and energy of the NDSC in relation to our affiliates.

  • We believe affiliates play a critical role in offering support, information and resources to the families and individuals with Down syndrome in their communities.
  • We believe a strong, educated and committed network of local and regional parent organizations is vital to serving the needs of individuals with Down syndrome and their families.
  • We believe that strength comes from the diversity of our participating affiliates and the diversity of the population they serve and will work to fully include and serve all organizations without regard to their size, scope, resources or location.
  • We believe we can make significant improvement in the lives of people with Down syndrome by working in concert with our affiliates.
  • We believe in the value of collaborating and partnering with organizations that share our goals, to broaden the resources for affiliates and individuals with Down syndrome.
  • We believe that understanding the needs and expectations of our affiliates will be an ongoing process that requires consistent communication, open discussions and mutual feedback.

Because we understand the scope and importance of the work you do for families of individuals with Down syndrome, we offer you a wide variety of helpful resources.