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Adult Sibling Program

Adult siblings are a key part of their brothers’ & sisters’ lives, and we recognize how important those relationships are.  In addition to our Adult Sibling Toolkit, we offer many workshops at our Annual Convention, perfect for adult siblings and caregivers.

NDSC’s Adult Sibling Toolkit

Just for adult siblings, this toolkit is designed to jump-start conversations with parents about becoming more involved in their brother or sister’s life.

Siblings can use this information to be effective advocates and perhaps, caregivers, after their parents are no longer able. Download the documents below, or contact us at for a printed copy and notebook.  Print copies of the Adult Sibling Toolkit are available to NDSC member families (one per household) at no charge; $10 for non-members.

Adult Sibling Toolkit: Cover/Intro
AST Cover Image

Adult Sibling Toolkit: Getting Started
How well do I really know my brother? Do I have all the information I need to provide the very best post-parental care for my sister?

Adult Sibling Toolkit: Social
Who are his friends? What do they like to do? Does she have a boyfriend? Does she understand the meaning of intimacy and a healthy relationship? How does he get from here to there and everywhere?

Adult Sibling Toolkit: Health
What are her current health conditions? Does he take any medications? Where does he get his prescriptions filled? How often does she need to go to the doctor? Which specialists does she see?

Adult Sibling Toolkit: Home
Where does he want to live when Mom & Dad can no longer be his primary caregivers? What day-to-day activities does she need help with? Can he make his own meals? Are there any restrictions to his diet?

Adult Sibling Toolkit: Employment
Does he work? Who is his boss? Who are his co-workers? Does she have a job coach? Does he volunteer?

Adult Sibling Toolkit: Legal/Financial
Does he have a legal guardian? What are the options? Do Mom & Dad have a will? Do they have a special needs trust set up for her? Where can I find these important documents?

Adult Sibling Toolkit: Government Benefits
What government benefits does she receive? SSI, SSDI, Medicaid? What about a waiver? If he wants to live with me or another sibling, will he have to move to another state? How will this affect his benefits?

Adult Sibling Toolkit: Resources
Are there organizations or websites that will help me when I have more questions?

This resource is also available in Spanish at this link: