Annual Convention

Youth & Adults Conference

The Youth & Adults Conference is the heart and soul of the weekend. It is designed to be a fun, enriching and empowering experience for self-advocates (individuals with DS) ages 15 and older. Separate registration is required to attend the Y&A conference.

With the support of NDSC’s Youth & Adults Support Team, this conference is planned and presented by self-advocates, for self-advocates.

To attend, an individual must be registered specifically for the Youth & Adults Conference, by adding the individual as an attendee to registration, selecting the conference type “Y&A Conference”, and completing the necessary questions. Y&A Conference registration provides access to all general convention functions (opening session, receptions, dances, exhibits, etc.) in addition to the Y&A Conference programming.

Proper support of all all attendees is of utmost importance to us, both for their safety and enjoyment. This requires much time and planning prior to the conference itself. We ask for necessary information at the time of registration. For this reason, we do not accept any on-site registrations for the Y&A Conference.

It’s also important to note that we often reach our capacity for Y&A attendance prior to the registration deadline and must close registration at that time. Self-advocates not acquiring a slot in the Y&A Conference or deciding the conference will not meet their needs are welcome to register as a “General Conference” attendee.