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Explanations & Finances

Coronavirus: Clear Answers for All Kids, is a straight forward resource that seeks to cover a wide range of questions emerging as children (and adults) struggle to understand the COVID-19 pandemic.   Created with straightforward text and bright illustrations for children who process information best through words and pictures. This resource was designed for children who learn best through visual cues, and for those who may want to re-read the story and think about it independently.


How to Explain what COVID-19 is

How to explain what COVID-19 is for people with disabilities

How to explain social distancing

How to explain hand washing

Healthy Eating

How to wear a mask

Death and Grief support

Mask Story Coloring Book – This coloring book created by Tara Tuchel with Autism Little Learners is a great way to explain to little ones (and big ones) about wearing masks.


Financial Information

The LifeCents Financial Resilience Center – The National Disability Institute (NDI )has launched a new set of resources to help people with disabilities and others with chronic health conditions respond to the financial challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How a Child with Down Syndrome Can Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits – This article was provided by Disability Benefits Center, an independent resource dedicated to helping people across the country receive the disability benefits they need.