Sarah Hardin

Since her daughter Annie was born with Down syndrome 11 years ago, Sarah Hardin has been involved in policy advocacy. Sarah first became involved with a local moms’ group. Eventually, Sarah became involved in advocacy with the Arc of Beaumont County. Then, she was hired as the Public Awareness Coordinator for child find.  Sarah says she joined the National Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition (NDAC) so she could stay updated on all things important to people with Down syndrome. She feels she is connected and better able to advocate for her daughter and others with Down syndrome. Sarah says an important benefit of being part of NDAC is the connections you make. “Someone out there has experience with what you are going through and can give you direction.” Her advice to beginner advocates: “Tell Your Story.” That is what will make an impact and make you memorable to that legislator or staffer. Create a new relationship with your story.”  These days, Sarah is the Executive Director of the Arc of Beaumont. Sarah says, “I get to have fun every day through all the social, educational, and support programs that we have for adults and children with IDD and their families in our area. Annie’s birth was truly a “diamond in the rough” experience because it opened my eyes to an amazing population of people whose lives are full of value!”  Along with their daughters Emma, Annie, and Claire, Sarah and her husband Ronnie make their home in Beaumont, Texas. Thank you for your advocacy and for sharing your story, Sarah.