NDSC 51st Annual Convention - July 25 - 28, 2024

Award Nomination Form

  • NDSC’s awards and recognition program was established to recognize individuals and organizations whose work and contributions have advanced the mission of NDSC and the lives of individuals with Down syndrome. Award nominations may be submitted by any person or organization wishing to submit individuals or organizations for selection consideration by the NDSC Board of Directors. Individuals and organizations will be reviewed based on submitted information, as well as other sources that highlight the individual's or organization’s accomplishments. Self-nominations may be submitted for consideration. The NDSC Board reserves the right to consider nominees from outside of this process to ensure the furthest reach and thoroughness of its awards program. In addition, the NDSC Board may decide to not present a particular award each year.
  • Award Guidelines: In its evaluation of award nominees, the NDSC Board shall consider the following factors: Reach and/or longevity of the nominee’s work: Does the work of the nominee have a local, state and/or national impact, and how long have they been doing the activity (ies) for which they are nominated? Image of Individuals with Down syndrome: Does the program, publication, or individual promote a positive image of people with Down syndrome? Significance of Contributions: Does the nominee’s work address or advance areas of concern to the Down syndrome community such as medical, education, employment, independence, etc? Does the nominee’s work recognize the value of the person with Down syndrome? Connection with the Down syndrome community: Does the work of the nominee support or advance efforts of the Down syndrome community, that may include the work of NDSC? Items to consider including within your nomination: Focus on abilities: Does the nominee accentuate abilities, not disability? Focus on individuals: Does the program focus on people, not the condition of Down syndrome? Celebrate diversity: Does the individual or program celebrate diversity? People-first language: Is the nomination written using people-first language? Does the nomination emphasize the person, not the disability? Enhance dignity of people: Does the nominee enhance the dignity of people with Down syndrome? Avoid stereotyping: Does the nomination avoid stereotyping? Information accuracy: Does the nomination present accurate information?
  • Nomination Timeline: September 20, 2023 - Online nomination forms open. January 15, 2024 - Nominations and supporting materials should be submitted through the online form by January 15, 2024 Nominations should contain a 300 word description of the nominee’s work and why they should receive the recognition. Selections are made by the NDSC Board Executive Committee, after review and recommendations from the NDSC Convention Planning Committee. The NDSC Board reserves the right to not present a particular award each year. Committee Awards will be presented at the NDSC Annual Convention.
  • March 22, 2024 - Award recipients will be notified. July 25 - 28, 2024 - Awards will be presented in person at the 2024 NDSC Annual Convention. Date and time to be determined.
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