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More Alike Awareness Campaign

We’re More Alike Than Different.

The purpose of this campaign is to bring to light the disparities that people with Down syndrome face in education, the work force and even the general community, as well as dispel myths associated with having this genetic disorder. The message is simple, compelling and delivered by self-advocates – their stories told in their voices.

See the complete micro site for a comprehensive look at what challenges individuals with Down syndrome may face.

You can donate now to the campaign fund. These resources will help to bring the message that people will Down syndrome are more like their peers than different- to doctors, teachers, employers and your neighbors.

So how else can you get involved?

Help us share this message locally, nationally and even internationally!

Each time our message appears on TV or in newspapers, the world will be reminded that people with Down syndrome are more like everybody else than different. That they love to dance, bowl, have pets and jobs. That they cope with everyday challenges and dream big dreams. That like all people, they deserve respect and a fair break.

The NDSC has produced a total of nine television public service announcements – five in English and four in Spanish. Here you will find previews of video links and print copies available for download.

Download We’re More Alike Than Different Banner as JPG or PDF

Download Print Advertisements

To see each of the five print PSAs and download high resolution files for each that may be submitted to your local and regional media outlets, click on the PDFs below.

Baseball fan 7×10
Baseball fan 4.625×10
Better moves 7×10
Better moves 4.625×10
Reliable employee 7×10
Reliable employee 4.625×10
Loves his job 7×10
Loves his job 4.625×10
Teammate 7×10
Teammate 4.625×10

Public Service Announcement Videos

View our More Alike Than Different PSA’s with Moira, Mark, Christopher and Christi

View our More Alike Than Different PSA’s in Spanish, with Alexandra, Jorge, Luis y Roberto, and Mirelys