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Self-Advocate Board Nomination Form

Submissions are due by May 14th, 2024.

Self-Advocate Board of Directors Nomination

        1. Be a member in good standing of the NDSC.
        2. Participate as an active member of NDSC committee(s).
        3. Attend all board meetings (a minimum of 2 meetings per year for the full board meetings).
        4. *Personally assume responsibility for paying all expenses related to board membership
      *Expenses regarding Board Membership would include airfare and hotel expenses for two full Board Meetings per year, one of which is always scheduled during the convention, any additional travel expenses, incidental telephone and postage expenses, convention registration, etc. Financial support can be sought from local parent groups and the NDSC.
        1. Any member with Down syndrome, 22 years old or older, in good standing in the NDSC, and having attended three(3) of the last five(5) NDSC Annual Convention Y&A Conferences is eligible for nomination to the Board of Directors of the National Down Syndrome Congress.
        2. Self-nominations as well as nominations by third parties are accepted (provided the third party has secured the consent of the nominee).
        3. All self-advocates nominated will be voted upon by the attendees of the NDSC Annual Convention Youth & Adults Conference. The winning candidate’s name (the person with the plurality of the votes) will be submitted to the full membership at the General Membership Meeting as part of the slate of nominees.
        4. In the event there is a vacancy in one of the three Board seats reserved for a self-advocate, it will be filled by the same process used to fill any other unexpired Board seat, except the person selected must be a self-advocate.
      The NDSC seeks wide representation in its board membership and considers factors such as geographical representation, areas of expertise, minority representation, and prior experience on non-profit boards and self-advocacy groups. NDSC members are encouraged to be active members of NDSC Committees and to attend board meetings prior to being nominated to the Board.
      Self-advocates serve a term of three years.
      In the spirit of providing equal opportunity for all nominees, the following processes will be enforced. Campaigning will be limited to the Self-Advocate Council area or an appropriate area designated by the Convention Director, where nominees can meet and greet attendees, display one poster, and have fliers or cards available to give away. Video presentations of campaign speeches will be given during Youth & Adult Conference programming. Each speech should be videotaped and limited to 2 minutes. Once the presentation of speeches has begun, no further campaigning will be allowed by friends, family or the nominee. Voting will occur after the completion of all speeches.
      I have read the National Down Syndrome Congress Information on the Self Advocate Board Member Nominating Process form and understand the conditions under which I agree to have my name placed into nomination before the Youth & Adults Conference. If I should win the Youth & Adults Conference election, I realize my name will be submitted to the full membership at the General Membership Meeting for election to the NDSC Board of Directors. I realize that I must be 22 or older, and that all expenses of my Board Membership are my personal responsibility. I also agree, if elected, to attend all scheduled board meetings to the best of my ability.
  • Please include a photo for use on the photo-voting ballot at the convention. A head-shot from chest up is best. You will have a better chance of winning the election if we have a photo of you and it looks like you look at the time of the conference.
    Max. file size: 2 MB.
  • Please provide a short introduction of about 250 words telling us a little bit about yourself. IF you win the election it will be used for board member descriptions on the website.
  • Max. file size: 2 MB.
    Must be no longer 2 minutes.