Kayla Schadegg

You may know featured NDAC member Kayla Schadegg from her “Strong Over Wrong” platform. Kayla joined the Down syndrome community when her daughter Kerrigan was born with Down syndrome six years ago. At 24, Kayla had a birth diagnosis and it was not the “ideal” delivery of the news.

Kayla has used this experience to develop her platform for pageant competitions. She says, “think Miss America but for married women.” Contestants are encouraged to create a platform that community efforts are centered around. It was clear to her that Strong Over Wrong, which aims to create a more compassionate and research-backed diagnosis experience for families across the world, was the platform that would give her the biggest voice. Kayla believes NDAC is a perfect way to strengthen your skills as an advocate no matter what “stage” of advocacy you’re in. In addition to Kerrigan, Kayla and her husband Kelly are parents to Knox, age 1, and make their home in Topeka.

To learn more, check out Kayla’s video on why you should join NDAC.