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How can I contribute financially to the NDSC?

There are many ways to help raise money for the NDSC. If you are going to be in a race, or hike the Appalachian Trail, or bike across the nation, consider raising money and donating those funds to the NDSC.

You could even ask people to make a donation to the NDSC instead of giving you a birthday present! We are grateful for every penny earned that allows us to continue our work.

Another way self-advocates get involved and contribute to the NDSC is by hosting a 321 Dance!

The primary purpose of this event is to promote awareness of the value of individuals with Down syndrome, though it can also be used as a fundraiser.

Learn how to create a fundraising page and/or host a 321 Dance! in support of the NDSC by contacting Christine Milano at 770-604-9500; christine@ndsccenter.org.