NDSC E-News ~ November 2022


Mission Moment
with NDSC Executive Director Jordan Kough

Introducing the Theme for the 51st Annual NDSC Convention

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Employment Success Story

Sammy Sanchez, 23-year-old Rehab Tech at Mind Works Rehabilitation in McAllen, Texas says his favorite part of his job is cleaning the toys and talking to his co-workers.

Sammy has been working at Mind Works for a year and a half. He believes his work as a Rehab Tech is important because he keeps the center clean, organized, and safe. Mind Works says “Sammy has been such a pleasure to work with. He is a hard work and contributes to the Mind Words team.”

Watch Sammy’s video tour of his Mind Works here – Sammy’s Mind Works Video Tour 

NDSC Website Highlight

The FAMILY CARE TOOLKIT created by the NDSC, with the support of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, is a toolkit created for the caregiver. It is essential to have important information in one place when a caregiver comes in to care for a person with Down syndrome, as well as other members of the family. The Parent guide shows you how to complete the toolkit. The rest of the toolkit is divided into 6 sections – Home, Family, Daily Living, Medical, Resources, and Emergency- which includes everything from how to use remotes to emergency medical consent forms.

You can view or download the Family Care Toolkit on our website.

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Make a Difference: Vote!

Cristian Richardson is excited to vote for the first time.

Cristian is 19 and lives in Aurora, Illinois. He says he is voting because he wants to make a difference. Cristian believes that “Our voices matter.” Healthcare is an issue of particular importance to him. In addition to having Down syndrome, he has other underlying health conditions. He says he wants to know that he will be able to see the right doctors and providers. Cristian chose to vote by mail, so his vote has already been cast. In addition to being a first-time voter, Cristian is a new NDAC member. We are proud of Cristian for making a difference by exercising his right to vote. Election Day is November 8th.

Find more helpful information for voters with disabilities here – Helping Voters with Disabilities   

NDSC Legislative Agenda

Following November’s midterm elections, newly elected and re-elected United States Senators and Representatives will convene the 118th Congress in January 2023. With the new Congress, NDSC will update the organization’s legislative agenda and policy positions

You can find NDSC’s existing legislative agenda at NDSC Legislative Agenda.

Upcoming Events

Ages & Stages Webinars


11/2/22 at noon EST         Supporting The Executive Functioning Needs of a Child at School: Advocacy Strategies and More! with Ashley Barlow

11/16/22 at noon EST       Progress Monitoring: How to Read It and How to Take Data at Home to Ramp Up Your Advocacy Skills with Ashley Barlow

12/15/22 at 11 EST            Self Determination from Birth to Adulthood with Kate Doyle and Christi Carnohan

1/16/23 at noon EST         Evaluations and Eligibility with April Rehrig

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The National Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition (NDAC) is NDSC’s Grassroots Advocacy program. NDAC allows us to bring together advocates of all abilities from across the country. As constituents, NDAC members are an essential link to federally elected officials. If you would like to make an impact on policy, NDAC is for you.

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NDSA has NDAC members in 48 states. We need members from Alaska and Wyoming. If you live in either of those states or know someone who might be interested, please reach out to Jawanda Mast at jawanda@ndsccenter.org.