NDSC Film Expert Reviews “Angry Birds 2”

Chess Mitchell, NDSC Staff member and resident Film Expert

Chess has recently reviewed the movie “Angry Birds 2” for our friends of NDSC. These are his findings:

NDSC: How many stars would you give The Angry Birds Movie 2 out of 5 stars
for excellence?
Chess: 5 stars = It’s another good movie about friendship.

NDSC: Can you tell me about it?
Chess: The birds and pigs become friends. There is a new island called Eagle
Island. The birds and pigs have to work together.

NDSC: Who was your favorite character?
Chess: Red. That’s my favorite color.

NDSC: Who was your least favorite character?
Chess: The purple one. He destroyed the blue and pink islands.

NDSC: What was your favorite part?
Chess: Birds and pigs working together and saving the world.

NDSC: What’s your final thoughts?
Chess: I love it. It’s funny.